Crashing the Protests

Opening Credits
We really got lucky with the source music we were able to record at the protest. The father and son rap is actually a pretty catchy melody, and it gets the video off to a dynamic start.

I'm a big fan of zoom-ins (must be a product of all those martial art movies I watched growing up), and this mimics what it's like to be there. You see a crazy leftist sign - your eyes zoom in and focus on it, you process it - and then you see that it is the direct opposite of truth - hence the solarized photo negative effect.

Plus, it looks really cool.

We intercut this with shots of the horde walking by. We used a telephoto lens, which compresses the action and makes them look more horde-like.

We pan left going into the title cards - as if left-wing motion has just been halted in its tracks: by PROTESTWARRIOR.

March Sequence
We carefully picked out this little side street to mark our ambush of the lefties. These protesters have no idea what's coming - their entire moral universe is about to be assaulted.

All the music we use was recorded live at the event - and I couldn't be happier with our military beat. I didn't even have to lay it over - by some amazing stroke of fate this was the exact music being played at the protest at that very moment.

All our shots are in slow-motion, which contrasts our gracefulness and stoic strength against the frenetic chaos of the protesters.

It's a nice sequence just watching our signs marching down slowly - making A.N.S.W.E.R.'s signs look pitiful in comparison.

All of which is abruptly interrupted by . . .

"It's not for you guys."
. . . a leftist sign thrown in our face, bringing us back down to the grimy, seedy, loonytunes world of the protesters.

"I'd like to just hear a hundred thousand people's comments."
These anti-war protests are about collective hysteria. And they get nervous when you watch.

"You guys are jerks."
Another lefty that just can't believe we're using their Saul Alinsky Communist tactics against them. This, this just isn't fair. You're conservatives, you're not supposed to be allowed to do this!

"Fascist, fascist, fascist, fascist!"
What I really love about this shot of Lisa Cohen debating this older woman who can't do anything but label her a fascist is what they're wearing. Lisa is bright and colorful, and the other woman is all black and gray. They wear their mindset on their sleeve - literally.

"Does not ignore REALITY!"
Could we have been any luckier, that the ProtestWarrior standing next to this guy is wearing a shirt that says '. . . Stupid'. We had two cameras rolling on this guy - my original plan was to cut back and forth, faster and faster, matching this guy's mental state. Instead, we found it even funnier to just do a quick insert on "REALITY!".

Say No to War sign
This shot captures what it must be like to be a protester there. You see this huge, gleaming white sign "SAY NO TO WAR". Looks good. Then you look a little closer and see "UNLESS A DEMOCRAT IS PRESIDENT." I can just picture protesters looking at this and their brains sputtering "does not compute . . . does not compute . . . "

Arrival at the Rally
I really like our Star Wars wipe transition - it heightens the action. We don't just filter into the rally, we make our presence KNOWN.

At first the leftists just stand back, shocked, not wanting to get any closer than yell out "Arrogant reactionaries go home!" Arrogant? Oh yeah, that's what leftists call any conservative that actually thinks they're right. You see, we're not supposed to do that.

Which leads to . . .

Chief ANSWER Gestapo Agent
This confrontation between the ANSWER chief kommandant and Kfir is classic. We knew he was bluffing, but Kfir's playing dumb is just perfect for laughs. "Uh, what's a park? We need permit? No speak English."

What is with these guys wearing red and black? I've got a friend who insists Marx was a Satanist - maybe he's right.

His assistant standing next to him hated us. The guy was pacing back and forth, running into people, steam coming out of his ears - I've never seen anyone so agitated.

And I think my favorite shot of the movie are those Palestinian women running away from our signs. Our signs are 100' radius Truth Bombs, and they are scrambling for cover.

Roping us in
This is our Scorsese shot, where we slow everything really down and do some cool motion effects. We start with a peace dove flag, but behind that peace veneer is the stark reality of what these people are. Zoom in and follow the ANSWER agent, and then we pan over to the L.A. Times reporter.

Peace Dancer
"Peaceful people come this way . . people of peace."
Sorry honey, buy nobody wants to dance with you.

Martin Sheen
This wouldn't be the ultimate anti-war protest video if it didn't feature their king: Martin Sheen. I don't know what happened to him on the set of Apocalypse Now, but all that drug use must have left a few brain synapses misfiring. He probably just gets off showing up at these things and having everyone suck up to him. Wow, you're a big Hollywood actor with tens of millions of dollars, yet you are still so dedicated to social justice! What a big man you are.


Next time I go to a protest, I'm just going to sit back and watch the speakers. It's not easy, as each one basically tries to outdo the other in pure vitriolic venom, and it's hard for a normal, healthy brain to follow it without drifting. But this guy exemplifies the shrillness of the Left.

Step down President Bartlett, step down and take your boring propaganda TV show "The Left Wing" with you.

Some of you commented that you'd like to see more of our retorts to these people, and in our next video we'll feature more of us. But what we're showing here is that you just let these leftists speak and they will hang themselves. All we do is ask them "What message do you have for the Iraqis being tortured in Saddam's prisons?" and they go off tilt trying to answer.

"Hold out."
The second this guy tells people in torture chambers they should just "hold out" - he has rendered his opinion on world affairs worthless.

"The reason that we're doing what we're doing is that we want to shut down the city of San Francisco."
I'm sure the Iraqi children who had been locked away in Saddam's dungeons would be comforted knowing that peace protesters want to shut down the city of San Francisco. And the harmonica music in the background perfectly captures her three-ring circus mental state.

"I like that dictator!"
It's hard for us to dislike this woman, after all she gave us such great footage. This is the best example of just letting a leftist speak, and you can see them dig a bigger and bigger hole for themselves. It's clear even to her that she's not making any sense, so she just whips herself into a fervor as she desperately clings to her rickety patchwork of leftist propaganda. The only card she has to play is that old standby of the Left: demonize the enemy. After all, that's what we liberty-lovers are all about: genociding and killing everyone.

"I'm not hearing a balanced look."
This cracks me up. She seems to think it's somehow against the rules to ask biased questions. She doesn't even try to answer, she just can't comprehend that someone could be asking these types of pointed questions.

Everyone at this booth just looks the part - check out their comrades watching from behind. Central Casting couldn't have done a better job.

"Jewish state in Germany"
I gotta love this guy, he's given us so much laughter. A Jewish state in Germany? That has to qualify as the most bone-headed statement EVER. I mean this, I don't think it would be possible to say anything more stupid - this guy gets the gold.

And how about his partner "That's ethnic cleansing! That's ethnic cleansing!" He must be a student at any American university's Middle East Studies program. Pure brainwashing - zero thought.

"I like North Korea."
He likes North Korea? Most leftists usually distance themselves from the wreckage of their ideology. "The Soviet Union? That wasn't socialism - that was Stalinism, that was Trotskyism, that was Communism, . . . because this faction double crossed that gang for killing that leader for one-upping that faction ad nauseam . . . IT WASN'T TRUE SOCIALISM!"

This guy is refreshing in that he is probably one of the few honest leftists. He may be insane, but at least he doesn't run from the consequences of his ideas. North Korea, a country which is really just one large prison camp, and this guy at least follows through on his ideology and defends them.

That doesn't mean he's not a scumbag. But at least he's a consistent scumbag. And boy does he get hostile fast. He was so excited, somebody wants to interview him? I've never seen such a quick attitude change once he found out we were "right-wing krauts". That's how it is with these people - you challenge their fantasy world leftist religion, and they can get a little temperamental.

"Get the f*** out of here."
These two communists really hated us. You have to look at these guys and wonder, what happened to you? I hardly even consider these people intellectual opponents, because you just know that them being Communists has nothing to do with the world, nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with truth - it is all psychological and emotional. They don't need to study Locke, Jefferson and Hayek, they need a team of psychiatrists. They have a void in their lives, and Marxism fills it.

And that's why when you confront them, they literally cover their faces. "Go away! Please, I'm begging you! Just go away!" The truth is painful for these people. Painful. And to all you moderate Democrats out there, just remember one thing. This is your intellectual base.

This is called contrapuntal editing - where the audio and the video are total opposites - and together a more potent message emerges. And that message is the leftists' mantra: "Be tolerant of everyone, or we'll slice your throats!"

"It's funny how the majority of people that think like you, look more European."
If this guy's views weren't so scary, he could be a comedian. But that's all the left is about - they can't argue ideas, so all they can do is scream "White Racist Fascist Murderers." That's all they have left.

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